flex baby flex baby one two

It flexes and sways up the stairs, a nose away from my nose. It is all I can do not to plunge in and never come out, but I just suck it with my eyes. What is that, cotton?

Boots clomp, purse swings. The one who is gone used to wear boots like that, but better. I used to pinch her butt as she climbed to the platform and she would pretend to mind. It is harder to pretend not to mind.

Turnstile beep beep beep. Hustle past elbows and bags to the mark. Whoosh train.

Sick of the subway stories? This is the only time I have to write what I want to write. Some put on makeup, type texts and email emails, read a book, salsa in ya ear, sudoku. Coffee cups wearing napkin hats sit in seats like they paid the fare. A kid sneezes all over a baby and laughs.

The man who made me will ride this train tonight. His hands shake when he wrrrits and t Yppes. I will hug him, look in his eyes, around them, the lines, the brow, the lips, the nose, the cheeks. They are mine, too.

Rumble over the dark river, the bank freckled with yellow, brown and gold. Everything is dying, my favorite time of year.


9 x like a billion = how much I love you:

gamefaced said...


~otto~ said...


my word verification was "exuat"

TC said...

No lying to the click of the tracks.

And the ending: click.

It all falls into place... "at the death" (like they say in English football).

These word verifications, with their unsolicited associations and visualizations, yes, sometimes it seems they are hunting us down like subway strangers. Soliciting us.

Do they become part of a/the text?

Alone on the cold platform tonight with the numinous echoes of "numiness".

Lupo said...

we met in dead space on omegle many months ago, you liked me, so, and i have been hit
by the the high and the low,
the city and the meat, in your poetry... you are now one of the voices i hold in my head along with all the good old dead guys from that other dead space... so come around... lets talk... graffutu.blogspot

~otto~ said...

Tom: As always, thanks so much. Numiness indeed. I am hunted.

Lupo: Did you walk the ruins of the wall built by the Romans? Did you unwind the spell? Did you come in August and just leave? How did you know I have no fucking idea what to do with a glass of water? Does the clown in your mouth have a rainbow afro?

otto at ottomattiq dot com

rollerfink said...

i don;t want your dad to die

Anonymous said...

Easily. Easily my favourite otto to date. You made my heart swell and sing.

Anonymous said...


~otto~ said...

Roller: You have a good heart

Bourbon: Easily my favorite comment of all time

Wordsfor: Easily my second favorite comment of all time



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