{ for sale : my book }

My first book, Steal Me for Your Stories, is available for pre-order. This collection of short stories took me several years to write - many of which first appeared on this blog.

Also, I'm donating everything I make from this book to a trust for my late cousin's family, so even if you think the stories suck you can at least know it wasn't a total waste of money.


{ my book should be out in early 2012 }

I do not like to run for trains but it was right there, I could see it, so I scampered. I swiped my card and the turnstile told me to “please swipe again,” and if turnstiles could laugh they would laugh like MWAHAHAHA. I watched the train doors close and I saw the empty seat where I could have been sitting speed past. A woman with a guitar was singing, really going for it on the high notes. She was trying to own the echoes on the platform. Another train came a few minutes later.

Look for my book early next year from Tiny Hardcore Press. It’s a collection of things that might be stories or maybe they are something else, but there are definitely words involved. Please tell me what to call this thing. Leave suggestions in the comments. The worse the title, the better. Ridiculous blurbs are also welcome.


PS - You are reading my old-ass blog. I moved here: www.ottomattiq.com.

{ this blog has moved }

The new spot is www.ottomattiq.com, and here is the new RSS feed, if you are so inclined: http://www.ottomattiq.com/rss.


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