baby cakes, you for me

Each time a train grinds its ax through the station, I tingle at the thought of someone unseen pushing me onto the tracks.

Too much everything, and owed apologies.

So, look, what I am trying to say is: you can talk and talk and I will listen mostly and I will kiss you so so soft to shut you up, whisper in your ear, but baby I just want to fuck.

Maybe that is a lie, maybe. A sound that sounds like this.

There is nothing in here, not like you think, nothing for long to want, and I want to give you all of it.


16 x like a billion = how much I love you:

tia prouhet said...

Second skin, second skin.

~otto~ said...

no pants

sarah said...

so so so romantic. swoon.

~otto~ said...

your swooning makes me swoon, sarah

TC said...


"nothing for long to want"

(the nut of the "culatu")

~otto~ said...

Tom, thanks. Indeed, the nut.

Spring does me in, I'm afraid. Where did the words go? How do you stay so prolific?

TC said...


It's the proximity of the end, I think.

(I don't expect it to last.)

Uh, oh, here come the "gentsha", they're gaining on us...

Chick said...

Kind, pretty, lovely words about the nothingness of it all.

There it is...some of my nothingness spilled forth only for you.

~otto~ said...

Chick, your nothingness is always something. Thanks.

~otto~ said...

Tom, the proximity to the end ... wow, tough to think about, but maybe we should all feel that a little more even those who are "young." The wife of a friend of a friend just died. Mid-40s, not ill -- or not aware of it -- just stopped breathing on the couch last night. Two children, 9 and 17. Makes my heartbreak and it makes me not want to waste any more time than I already have, even though I know I will anyway.

gamefaced said...

'Too much everything, and owed apologies'

i know how this works.

i love the fuck out of your brain.


~otto~ said...

gamefaced, I love the eless out of your brain.

Anonymous said...

damn I forgot I didn't comment on this.

this is like minimalist perfection.
totally on some awesome shit.
fucking well done dude.

~otto~ said...

I like the minis. A lot. And my comment jones is strong, Kevin. Thanks for feeding it.

rollerfink said...

i want you to give me all of it. not your penis, that's not what i'm saying. i want you to give me all of your undipo. and maybe a little bit of your penis. just the tip.

~otto~ said...

I love just the tip. I will give you extra tip, but still just the tip.


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