inside skin

They were small, not fuzzy or feathered, nothing that screamed or wailed, something that could not fight back. Serial killers do the same shit around that age.

Snapped a bone, pushed it through slick skin, nailed it to the dirt so it lived a bit longer but could not escape much.

"There's another one!" he said.

A surge, a wave breaking in my feet and fists. Cracked a jaw, cut an eye out, stuffed leftover fireworks into a bucket mouth, lit a match. Outside myself inside skin that was not mine yet.

"How many's that?" he said.

So easy to chase them down, giddy, crushed them under boots, beat them with knuckled sticks, dropped babies in a jar with nail holes in the lid so the wick could breathe.

"I'm hungry," I said.

Their eyes, those dark orbs, skin hot and thumping in my hand, only alive to gut, until my skin became mine, baked dirt sucking a splash of water.


7 x like a billion = how much I love you:

rollerfink said...

i like awesome things.

i like this story.

you do the tony danza.

oops, that was supposed to say you do the math. i'm not quite sure how that happened but from now i will say "you do the tony danza" whenever i mean "you do the math." it will catch on.

ty bluesmith said...

i should go out tonite but i havent got a stitch to wear.

morrissey morning.

nice job.

xTx said...

okay. it's yours. my heart. i succumb. rape away. or love me tender. i'm up for either or both.

Anonymous said...

Cutting.Cut. Slice. Shallow tears in the skin!

That Guy said...

1. yes

2. no

3. dessur

4. avoid 'the human centipede' at all costs.

5. free kanye*

Mariana Soffer said...

I liked a lot the text, I like how you show your anger in it.
I like how you describe the skin, that is amazing!
cheer for it

TC said...


Tough one this, in several senses of the word.

Life tends to remember all violations against it and plants the ticket in us long afterward, so far as I know no one's ever paid off one of those yet.

Darkness waits there to be explored, yet it's still the darkness, and everything we say is our pith helmet.


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