there is this girl

There is this girl, she wakes up coughing and smiling and Kleenexing and laughing and cussing the doo-doo cat that puts its a-hole on everything. Every morning, every cold Monday, every wet Wednesday, every warm Friday, every easy Sunday, she wakes up kissing this boy and joking this boy while he is rubbing his eyes and grumbling and unappreciating … well, not any more. But he bets she still sings in the shower, he bets she still talks to her tits, her big soapy tits, Oh boobies, what are we gonna do? There is this girl she


10 x like a billion = how much I love you:

xTx said...

this is like when she licks the head of your dick adn walks away.


Mariana Soffer said...

He thinks she is like that because that is what he knew about herk but nowbody is the same with somebody else than it was with other human being.
He does not want her to change

ty bluesmith said...

i have a master degree thuhweet

gamefaced said...

i know that dude.

carrie said...

it's all circular and i love how someone can love things about someone else that maybe are not so lovely but they are

Matt DeBenedictis said...

Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah.

Chick said...

Awww...but you know...morning people leave me cold...but tit talkers in the shower...yeah, I'd get up for that.

That Guy said...

I've made an incredibly non-lucrative career out of being this guy.

And I would pay for a woman to lick the head of my dick and walk away. Double if it was xTx.

WTF is 'impori'?

~otto~ said...

impori is slang for italian midget gang-bang

my word verification was "ecoccone"

Wyatt Junker said...

I've been thinking about the big soapy tits all week.

At least she cleans them.

There is a nasty cream that forms underneath the chest meat popsicles, with the consistency of peanut butter. If you don't scrub it out, it also forms its own jelly to go with it.

And oh shit, my word ver. was joing!


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