like she needs it to breathe

His girl's pussy squirts when she comes. Gushers. She cooks, too. Duck and shit. She wears sexy boots when they go out. To movies, dinner. They ordered the tasting menu at wd~50 as an act of patriotism. He bought the Alexander McQueen special edition gator Pumas. She bought more sexy boots, and a riding crop. He sees celebrities at the gym. Bradley Cooper stretched in front of a treadmill, pulled his short hair in a short ponytail that shot out of the top of his head. Fag. Although, Jennifer Esposito snorted coke off his cock when they were married for a hot minute. How's that. He saw Tyra and John Mayer, too, but so what. He takes the glitter off everything. He says Tyra's fat. She caught him looking and rolled her eyes. He wants to not know who these people are but it's like impossible. He sees saggy dicks in the locker room, so much variety, so many wrinkles. All the dicks look sad, except the gay dicks. Gay dicks stand up like they know everyone is watching. He wishes he was gay. At least what he incorrectly imagines being gay is: Never get married, never have kids, have a spiffy apartment, blowjobs for breakfast lunch dinner, an organized closet, make crème brulée at home, have drug-fueled sex with every single person in the city and Fire island and P-Town and Greece. Until he dies. But with women. He wants to fuck his girl. He wants her to gush all over him. He wants her to want him like she did when they made that video that night. She sucks it like she needs it to breathe. She needed it to breathe. She's in a Japanese schoolgirl outfit, white T-shirt, plaid skirt, white knee-socks, black strappy shoes. She sticks her finger in her slick, trimmed pussy as she sucks. She moans and varies her speed and when her lips are at the tip, his cock shines in the light from the window. It's slick. She slides down slowly, all the way to the bottom, holds it there. She squeezes her breasts so hard her nails leave marks. She gags, slides up, down and again and again. He watches that video when she's not there. He masturbates to that video when she's not there. He wants her to be there. He pretends she's there. Like she is in that video.


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i heart this entry

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Oofbeh. I love this.


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